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Cardiac Assist

Circulatory/Ventricular Assist Devices are all mechanical heart-assisted pumps that aid in heart function following a significant reduction in cardiac and/or pulmonary function.


Left Ventricular Devices, Intra- Aortic Balloon Pumps and ECMO services are provided by a Certified Cardiovascular Perfusionist including but not limited to:

  • Assist with implantation from surgical tech prep to functionality of device

  • Initiate and terminated 

  • Troubleshooting function issues

  • Blood gas monitoring with corrective actions for Oxygen, and blood management

  • 24 hour bed side care if needed for safe management of a bed side heart-lung machine (ECMO)

  • Monitoring, maintaining and responding to all events including change outs for safe ECMO support

  • Coagulation Management

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